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Binnen bij het Boekenbal

Abdelkader Benali takes you behind the scenes of the best kept secret party in the Netherlands. Every year writers, publishers, editors, journalists, parvenus and prominents… Read More

Face to Face

Out of touch families, neighbours, old friends are invited to face each other – quite literally. Original idea and format development by Spektr, produced by… Read More

The Company

A series of 6 shorts for the International Theater Amsterdam. The stories revolve around the day to day work of key individuals, reflecting on their creative… Read More

Boxes are for pussies

Boxes are for pussies. We all know it. Together with Lava Amsterdam we created a campaign for Amsterdam Fringe Festival. Get ready for a lot… Read More

Meet the curators

Cinetree is a video-on-demand platform on which curators select films and documentaries. We created the commercial for the launch, rooted on the idea of “hand-picked”… Read More

For authentic denim lovers

Quite a while back this one, but we still love the organic quality and dreaminess we captured for fabric designer ISKO. We created a series… Read More