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Enjoy the Challenge

Where to start. Can we design a game-show for an employer branding campaign? Yes. But can we actually make it a real, live-action event also?… Read More

The Staggering Girl

(not yet released)The Staggering Girl is an autonomous, experimental dance film in collaboration with dancers of the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam. The Staggering… Read More

Ik zie je

Currently in production Expected for release end of 2022, this documentary covers the extraordinary story of photographer and artist Jasper Abels. This film addresses ambition,… Read More

The Big Balance

After months of training, five daredevils take on the Big Balance on high-lines all around the world. A competition show full of gut-wrenching heights and… Read More

House of Bach

This film is packed with talent from both the film and musical world. To simulate a to be acquired “House of Bach” we projected windows… Read More

Springtime in Amsterdam

Springtime in Amsterdam is a feature-length musical film developed and produced with the Dutch National Opera. Springtime tells the story of four people who meet in… Read More

Anniek at work

Hydrogen cars, CO2 eating algae, 5G powered drones, seal protection patrols … In this tv series our host Anniek Pheifer takes another look at… Read More

Springtime in Amsterdam


TVC for the Dutch Kinderboekenweek. We made this one the old way: no CGI, all effects are practical. The squirrel is real though.We developed and… Read More

Identity Services

The agency asked us to visualise a typical client’s journey through a generic company. In a water slide. Turns out these things are quite bulky. Read More