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We shoot where life happens.

Spektr is a film production company. We partner with brands, agencies and platforms. We believe in crafting real, grounded stories. Challenging clients (and ourselves) to delve to the very core of the narrative. To understand, transform, then move.

We engage with people that represent our new generation of creators. To develop visual styles on themes and issues that are real and are now.

We don’t just make webseries, documentaries, TVCs or campaigns. We create strategies. Multiple assets, multiple platforms, multiple audiences.

A selection of our clients:

De Vegetarische Slager / Rabobank / Avrotros / / Unstudio / Internationaal Theater Amsterdam / Vogue NL / NTR


In the early stages of creation there is always a fine mist surrounding the true story. Our job is to pierce through it, unveil the essence. Defining clear goals and challenges.


We’ll take a first shot and present you a proposition for a solution. Whether it’s an Instagram-only cat gif, a branded web series or a full scale TVC-to-internet campaign, the aim is the same. Credibility. Attention. Conversion.


We guide you through a speedy, agile process. Before production starts, we’ll propose an entire timeline with all creative, technical and strategic decisions to be made.


High-end production, whether it’s about a documentary or an advertising campaign, requires clear communication about possibilities, constraints and challenges. We’re equipped to take the lead.


We maintain a tightly knitted network of producers, directors, writers, technical magicians, casting folks and caterers. Talented people who understand each other almost wordlessly.


We have a history of fostering new talent in the industry, to open doors and to get them involved. They will add something special to every detail, every second of everything we produce.



Laurens Neels

Producer & director

Jessica Rooker


Klaas Hendrik Slump

Creative director

Pleun Arts


Veerle Hofkens

Creative producer


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