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VodafoneZiggo Enjoy the Challenge

Where to start. Can we design a game-show for an employer branding campaign? Yes. But can we actually make it a real, live-action event also? Yes.

We surprised four actual soon-to-be VodafoneZiggo employees with a series of challenges: do you have what it takes to solve problems together? A bit of candid camera, a bit of clever games, a bit of getting a 2-minute window to broadcast the names of the candidates on the ZiggoDome, while passing by on the highway – abducted in a van.

This campaign won the 2022 Employer Branding (“Digitaal Werven”) award.


  • Marije Kuipers


  • Jessica Rooker

Co-production company

  • EMG Netherlands
  • David van Leijenhorst


  • Laurens Neels
  • Klaas Hendrik Slump