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Dutch National Opera Königskinder

Another (short) film produced with the Dutch National Opera. This time a period drama, set in 1910 in a town in turmoil. Famine and disease descend on the villagers as the local minstrel seeks counsel from the local witch. The film picks up with the townsfolk’s revenge. Made as a hommage to the era of silent film, to be accompanied by a live orchestra.

Königskinder premiered in October 2022.

Executive Producer

  • Laurens Neels

Production managers DNO

  • Emiel Rietveld
  • Jonna van den Berg

Production coordinator

  • Sam Vranken


  • Christof Loy

Art director

  • Jurian Vermoolen

Director of Photography

  • Stef Kwinten


  • Wietse van Bezooijen


  • Engelbert Humperdinck


  • Marc Albrecht