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NTR Pretty Sorrow

This film tells the harrowing yet incredible story of fashion photographer Jasper Abels. His fairytale-like work graces the covers of all major fashion magazines. Even in his personal work glamour and fantasy take center stage. But for those who look more closely, the fringes suddenly appear. When Jasper loses both his brother and his sister to suicide, his art becomes a way to stay close to his parents. And moreover, an attempt to resist his own urge to gaze into the darkness.

Pretty Sorrow is a feature-length documentary, a coproduction with NTR with support of the Dutch Film Fund, CoBo Fund and NPO-Fund.

Premiere at Nederlands Film Festival in September ’23.
TV-premiere November ’23.


  • Klaas Hendrik Slump


  • Richard Spierings

Executive producer

  • Laurens Neels

Production Manager

  • Jessica Rooker

Editor in Chief - NTR

  • Marloes Blokker


  • Pauline Wiersma


  • Mario Steenbergen

Sound Design

  • Casper van Deuveren

Color Grading

  • Remi Lindenhovius